Narragansett Bench Program

Due to the popularity of our Bench Program all locations in Town have SOLD OUT

Please check back with us in the future to see if sites become available.

Bench Program

In 2012 the Town of Narragansett Adopt-A Bench Program has been redefined and established as a permanent program to maintain and provide a sustained bench program throughout town. The program offers existing donors the opportunity to adopt and donate new benches designed for a coastal environment and consistent with the surrounding landscape. This program will also provide new donors an opportunity, if available to choose from twelve locations within town to adopt a bench where a previous donor has opted not to continue in the program. The Narragansett Adopt-A-Bench program provides community members and organizations the ability to recognize and honor others through a lasting tribute. The bench contribution made through this program will benefit the parks program while providing much needed site amenities to park and beach users for years to come.

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The Parks and Recreation Department presently has twelve [12] locations throughout town; Town Beach, Seawall, Overlook, Library, Veteran’s Park, Domenic Christofaro Park, Sprague Park, George C Park, Leroy Thompson Memorial Park, Mettatuxet Park, Casino Park and Gazebo Park. The style of the bench has been selected by the Parks Department based on the location history, environmental issues and consistency with the landscape.

Commemorative Plaque

Each donation will be recognized by a 2” x 10 “ cast plaque in honor, in memory or other suitable language approved by the Parks Department. The plaque can include verbiage of up to 4 lines of approximately 46 characters and spaces per line. Placement of memorial wreaths and other items will not be permitted.


The Parks and Recreation Department will maintain the bench throughout the life of the bench. For the integrity and manufacturer warranty of each bench the donor will not be allowed to provide any maintenance or enhancements to the bench, doing so voids the agreement with the donor.

Bench Life Expectancy

Bench Life Expectancy: Based on information from the bench suppliers it is agreed by the donor and Parks Department that the reasonable life expectancy of each IPE #91-601 and IPE 57-601 park bench purchased will be fifteen [15] years. If and when replacement of either bench is necessary, the original donor or family members will be provided an opportunity for “first right of refusal” before an existing location is offered to a new donor.

The reasonable life expectancy of each Woodbury gray park style granite bench purchased will be twenty-five [25] years, however because these granite benches have components that are pinned and epoxied and located at the seawall they are susceptible to salt spray and severe storm surge which may impact and lessen the life of the product. * If and when the bench has been damaged beyond repair due to a weather related or other horrific incident the Towns Insurance provider will be contacted for the first event for replacement. If after repair or replacement the bench is damaged again in a similar event, it will be the responsibility of the donor to decide to pay to replace the bench or surrender the location.*

Contact Information

It is apparent that the success of this new program is based on the ability to contact donors, family members, and organization members for the options offer to continue the program with a new bench. Several contacts in the form of names, addresses, cell numbers, telephone numbers and email addresses will be documented in the donor file. Consistent records are integral in the success of this program with a bench picture, plaque picture, location, price paid, vendor purchased from, date installed and donor information all documented in the file

Gazebo and Casino Park

Presently located in this area are Dumor #58 benches made from polyester powder coated steel straps on a cast iron frame. Benches constructed of metal deteriorate in this environment rapidly. When benches in this area are required to be replaced the IPE #57-60 I  will be installed to provide seating and viewing of the park and ocean.

Purchase and Installation Process

Once a location is available or if the original donor/representative has declined the option to continue in the program, the location will be made available to new donors. The site and appropriate bench for that location [same and consistent with existing site benches] will be reviewed in person with the donor and the parks representative. If agreed the donor will be provided a signed agreement along with approved plaque verbiage from the Town and will communicate directly with the bench supplier to coordinate payment and shipment to Narragansett Parks and Recreation, 51 Mumford Street, Narragansett, RI 02882. Once delivery is made the Parks Director will schedule for installation at the site. Donor will be then be contacted to confirm and complete the process.
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