Sewer Forms & Documents

Sewer Inquiry Form
This form is used to determine whether sewer service is available to a particular property. You may return this form to us in person, by mail, or by fax.

Engineering Office
25 Fifth Ave.
Narragansett, RI 02882
Ph: (401) 782-0608
Fx: (401) 782-0669

Please be sure to include your mailing address, so that we can send written documentation to you.
Sewer Inquiry Form

Sewer Lot Development Fee

Division 8 of Chapter 78 of the Code of Ordinances describes the Sewer Lot Development Fee (SLDF) program. All properties that wish to connect to sanitary sewers either pay a sewer lot development fee or an assessment. The SLDF program was created to distribute capital costs associated with sewer construction to benefiting property owners. Assessment programs vary from neighborhood to neighborhood - please contact the Engineering Department at (401) 782-0639 for specific information.
Sewer Lot Development Fee

Sewer Policy Amendment May 21, 2018

The Town of Narragansett has a sewer policy in place to regulate sewer extensions and connections. The policy was created to regulate such extensions and connections based upon the available capacity of each wastewater treatment facility. The Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility services the North End and the Pier area (as well as the main URI campus and the Town of South Kingstown), while the Scarborough Wastewater Treatment Facility services the southern portion of Narragansett.
Note: The Sewer Inquiry Form can be used to determine sewer availability.
Sewer Policy Amendment

Water / Sewer Application

This form is used to apply for new sewer or water service, or for a repair. As there are fees that apply to each type of connection, please contact the Water / Wastewater office at (401) 782-0639 for further information. In order to be processed, the appropriate fee must be returned with the completed application.
Water / Sewer Application