Wastewater Rates
These are the annual charges for sewer usage, which are reviewed each year as a part of the budget process. Your actual sewer charges are based upon your water usage. Sewer billing is done on a quarterly basis, and includes a minimum charge and, if applicable (depending on usage), an excess charge.
Wastewater Rates 07/01/2012

ISDS - OWTS Ordinance

In 1992, the town adopted an ordinance that requires every owner of a septic system to have their system pumped at least once every four years. Regular maintenance, through periodic pumping like this, is essential to the health of a septic system, as well as the surrounding environment. Please contact a septic hauler of your choice who will pump your septic system. The septic hauler will then submit this information to our online tracking system (as required). Please contact this office at (401) 782-0637 with any updates to this account (i.e., ownership, mailing address, etc.). If you are unsure of when you last had your system pumped, call us and we can check our records for any receipts that have been turned in. See attached Section 78-248(e) of the Code of Ordinances.
ISDS - OWTS Ordinance

RI Cesspool Act

This is a publication from the State of RI Department of Environmental Management (RIDEM) providing frequently asked questions about cesspools and the 2007 RI Cesspool Act.
2007 RI Cesspool Act