Community Septic System Loan Program (CSSLP)

The Community Septic System Loan Program (CSSLP) was initiated in the Spring of 2006 upon receipt of a special grant award from the RI Clean Water Finance Agency targeted to aiding property owners in repairing failing septic systems, thereby alleviating a significant source of environmental pollution. This program relies on funds from a non-restoring line of credit that may be applied only to systems that have been issued a violation from the RI Department of Environmental Management. The maximum amount allowed per loan is $15,000 with a maximum loan term up to 10 years.

In order to maximize the effectiveness of this grant, the Town has instituted a pre-application process that considers the site conditions on a case-by-case basis. In order for a property to be eligible, it must meet at least two (2) of the following criteria:
    1. Must be located in a non-sewered area; and/or,
    2. Must be located in soils with Type C or Type D classifications; and/or,
    3. Must be located in a High Water Table Area (within 3' of the surface).
Applicants must complete the CSSLP Pre-Application and submit appropriate documents to the Department of Community Development for review. For inquiries regarding eligibility for the CSSLP, please contact Jill Sabo, Environmental Planning Specialist for assistance.