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Record Request Form Fire

  1. Records Request Form
    All lawfully applicable fees shall apply to any request for records from the Narragansett Fire Department. Please review the following Rhode Island General Law for fees associated with open records requests.
  2. Print name
  3. Print Agency Name if Applicable
  4. Mailing Address City/State/ZIP
  5. Property Record
  6. Fire Report
  7. Fire Investigation
  8. Documents
  9. Occupancy
  10. Construction
  11. Any Additional Information
  12. Please utilize the attachment link above to submit any required release forms relating to this request. Ensure that all forms are completely filled out prior to submission, contain the necessary signatures, and outline the parameters of the permission given.
  13. Disclaimer
    All records subject to HIPAA regulations and Fire Investigations that contain personal or private information will need to be picked up in person and the individual requesting the form must be present with the proper identification. We will contact you when the form is prepared and available for pick up.
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