Community Police

The Community Police Division is a valuable asset to our department. Patrol Officers Kyle Rooney and Paul Boisclair are committed to helping maintain the quality of life of our residents.

School Resource Officers (SRO) - The Community Police Division plays a role in the Narragansett School System. Officers are in the schools to provide a secure and safe learning environment for the students in our schools. Students are encouraged to interact with Officers and develop a trust so the student feels that Law Enforcement is a positive influence to them and the community.

At the Pier School, the DARE program is taught to 5th graders. The focus of curriculum is to say “NO” to drugs and alcohol, and to provide the students with knowledge on how to make “Wise Choices” and “Healthy Decisions”. Bullying, a growing topic among youth, is also discussed with students.

Narragansett/URI Community- the Community Police Division maintains an interactive relationship with the URI community. Officers meet with URI Officials to discuss any student related issues that may arise during the course of the school year. Officers also talk with URI Students about any quality of life issues.

Narragansett Prevention Partnership - the Community Police Division participates in monthly meetings with the NPP. This relationship has helped to facilitate programs to fight underage drinking, underage smoking, fake id’s and drunk driving.

Child Safety Seat Installation- the Community Police Division also takes part in Child Safety Seat Installation. Officers are trained and nationally certified to correctly and safely install infant carriers and convertible seats. If residents or seasonal visitors need assistance in this area, you may call the Narragansett Police Department to schedule an appointment for an installation.

Elderly Affairs- the Community Police Division takes part in the well being and safety of the elderly in our community. We also work with South County Elder Care, Tri-Town Community Action, and RI Elderly Affairs. If you have any concerns of the well being of an elder person, feel free to this division.

Traffic Study/Survey- The Community Police Division has the opportunity to monitor and collect data with state of the art technology in suspected speed problem areas. If there are any complaints of high speeds in neighborhoods or school zones, our traffic speed trailer can be placed in that area.

Patrolman Kyle Rooney
401-789-1091 Ext. 331

Patrolman Paul Boisclair
401-789-1091 Ext. 334