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Kinney Bungalow


  1. Handicap Accessible
  2. HVAC System
  3. Kitchen Warming Area
  4. Restrooms
150 person capacity for public and private rentals.  For more information please
call 401-788-2573 Parks and Recreation for further information and reservations.

Facility Base User Fee 
                                           Mon.-Thurs     Fri. & Sun.        Saturday’s
Non-resident                          $650.00         $1,850.00         $2,500.00
Narragansett Resident              $550.00         $1,450.00         $1,900.00

Local Non-Profit Organization    $400.00         $700.00             N/A

  • Facility base user fee includes a five (5) hour event with additional two (2) hours for set up and one (1) hour for take down and clean up.  Total time of use is eight (8) consecutive hours.
  • Please Note, you are renting the interior of Kinney Bungalow building and the adjacent lawns on the south and east sides of the building. Sunset Farm and its property are not part of your rental. 
  • Your event timeline must be pre-approved by the Bungalow Event Coordinator and submitted in writing on your application. 
  • Your event time starts when your guests arrive. On site ceremonies must be scheduled at least 15-30 minutes after the event start time. 

Additional costs associated with your rental:

  • Tables and chairs are provided through Kinney Bungalow at an additional cost. On a price per each basis according to the attached Table and Chair Rental Order Form.
  • There are also fixed set up fees associated with your rental. A fee of $150.00 for the indoor set up and a fee $50.00 for an outdoor set up will be added to your invoice. 

 Optional costs: 

  • Additional event time in excess of the 5 hours included in the base fee can be purchased for $250.00 per hour. (This time must be requested and paid for at least two months prior to your event)
  • Additional Pre and Post Event access for set up, decorating, clean up and take down can be purchased for $50.00 per hour. Post event additional time cannot go past 12:00am. (This time must be requested and paid for at least two months  prior to your event)
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