Affordable Housing Collaborative Committee

The Affordable Housing Collaborative Committee will be advisory committee to the Town Council and Planning Board. The general purpose of the committee is to 1) recommend strategies, programs, policies and initiatives for increasing affordable housing; 2) promote/advocate for their implementation; 3) report biennial on the Town’s progress against key performance measures and other benchmarks; and 4) assist the Town Council in overseeing their implementation, including the of affordable housing measures identified in the Affordable Housing Plan, a component of the Narragansett Comprehensive Plan.

In addition, this committee acts as a local resource for the community relative to affordable housing opportunities. Potential appointees should have experience in issues related to housing affordability and/or an interest in working towards a policy and developing programs that will advance the Towns goals as cited in the Town Comprehensive Plan. Applicants shall comply with the Town Council Rules for Commission, Committee and Board Appointments.


The Affordable Housing Collaborative Committee consists of 4 members serving 3-year terms, the Housing Authority Director, Community Development Director, and a Town Council representative.


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Agendas and Minutes

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