Registration for Vaccination

COVID-19 Vaccinations for Narragansett Residents

Currently, the Rhode Island Department of Health (RIDOH) has provided a limited amount of vaccine to the Town of Narragansett for our population 65 years of age and older. Per RIDOH guidance, only those Narragansett residents who are aged 65 and older are eligible to be vaccinated right now. 

If you are a Narragansett resident, aged 65 or older, please use the links below to complete the pre-vaccination screening and consent form and schedule an appointment.

Appointments are limited by the amount of vaccine that is available to Narragansett each week. We acknowledge that the current demand outweighs the supply available to us and unfortunately, not all residents will be able to get an appointment during the first few weeks of this program. As more vaccine becomes available, more appointments will be added. You should check back here to see if additional appointments have been made available. 

Any appointments made by non-residents of Narragansett or those not aged 65 or older, will be deleted and you will not be given a vaccine at our vaccine clinic. Repeated attempts to register when it is not your turn, may result in you being ineligible to receive vaccination at a Narragansett clinic in the future!

These registration links are only for you or member(s) of your immediate household who are also within the specified target group.  

Anyone reporting to a vaccination clinic will have to show ID and will be turned away if their name does not match a preapproved list.  Unauthorized sharing of registration links denies an eligible resident the opportunity to be vaccinated that day and delays the roll out of vaccine to all Rhode Islanders.

For those 65 and older residents who may require assistance with the registration process: In-person assistance will be offered at the Community Center Monday thru Friday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM or by calling 401-782-0611 

Registration Links for Adults 65 and older:
As cancellations or more doses become available we will re-post registration links.

(There may be cancellations please try the available link - Appointments are for 65+ Residents only)