About Us

The Land Conservancy Trust (LCT) was formed in 1990 by the Town Council in order to protect and enhance the natural beauty of Narragansett.   Since its inception, the LCT has preserved over 300 acres of open space for scenic beauty, passive recreation and wildlife habitat conservation.


•Acquiring land, development rights and easements within the town of Narragansett, affording priority to environmentally sensitive lands

•Preserving open spaces, farmlands, scenic vistas, wetlands, estuaries, adjoining uplands, and critical habitats

•Preserving land providing access to coastal waters

•Preserving land for future public recreational and educational use

The LCT is comprised of nine members including:  Two members of the Town Council, a member of the Conservation Commission, a member of the Planning Board, five residents-at-large, and is assisted by the Town Community Development staff.

Active Land Conservancy Trust members include:

Thomas Rogers
Vice Chair
Terence Fleming
Jason Colonies
Pati Sylvia
Brian Wagner
David Avedisian
Jerry Brunetto
Town Council Members
Jesse Pugh
Deborah Kopech

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