ECO-Depot, Paper Shredding & More Event - May 5, 2018!

Thank you to all those who participated in the ECO-Depot, results coming soon!!

Bring your hazardous waste, electronic waste, sensitive documents for shredding, Styrofoam products, scrap metal and donations for Goodwill to the North Beach Lot.

Come to Narragansett Town Beach North Lot, 77 Boston Neck Rd, on May 5th from 8am-1pm.

Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation's free Eco-Depot collection accepts household hazardous waste items including oil based paint, rechargeable and automotive batteries, mercury containing devices (thermometers, thermostats, fluorescent bulbs), fertilizers, pool chemicals, automotive fluids, propane tanks, oven cleaner, bug spray, flea collars, nail polish, nail polish remover, etc. For more information on the Eco-Depot program and the items accepted go to 

In addition, these additional items will be collected:

Electronic waste -- televisions, monitors, computers, laptops and tablets ONLY.
Styrofoam products -- must be clean, dry and bagged in clear or translucent bags. Foodservice foam (like coffee cups and food trays) must be bagged separately from all other foam. No spongy foam (think: #1 Fan fingers) and no packing peanuts. 
Documents for shredding – no limit but when the truck fills, there is no more shredding
Scrap metal - metal items and non-Freon appliances

Aluminum, Aluminum cans, Insulated wire, Brass/Copper/Stainless Steel, Catalytic Converters, Appliances (no Freon), electric motors, Transformers, Batteries, Light Iron, Cast Iron, Steel, Silver Plate, Pewter

Goodwill donations – Donate your unwanted clothing, textiles and small household appliances items.  Items may be ripped or stained, but should be dry, clean and order free.

Shoes and sneakers (even singles)


  • Bedding
  • Undergarments
  • Hats, scarves, gloves, handbags, and belts
  • Towels
  • Blankets
  • Curtains
  • Backpacks
  • Stuffed animals and dolls

Small toys (no bigger than a breadbox) and games (smaller than 2ft by 2ft)

Small appliances; whether or not they are in working order

Take advantage of this recycling collection event to safely and properly dispose of all of these items that are taking up space in your home. It’s fast, free and easy with no appointment necessary.

For more information on the event or to check to see if something is recyclable, call Narragansett Recycling Coordinator at 782-0635.

Scrap metal 2