South Pavilion Locker Policy

Definition of Key Terms

Principal Lessee
- The person who leases the facility for the summer season is responsible for all payment due for the facility.

Pass Holder - The person whom the principal lessees has provided a facility pass to for the summer season. These passes are non-transferable.

Adult - Any person 18 years of age or older.

Youth - Any person 12-17 years of age.

Seniors - Any person 62 or older.

South Pavilion Locker Admission Policy

  • Entrance into the South Pavilion Locker area will require a facility pass.
  • This pass will be used to gain access into the locker area by exchanging the pass for the appropriate locker key.
  • For security purposes and to minimize the number of lost keys; facility holders are required to exchange their key for their pass upon leaving the locker area.
  • For security purposes facility holders are asked to keep their units locked when they are not in the immediate area and to secure their unit before leaving for the day.
  • Entrance to this area will be permitted only to those with the proper facility pass or guests who are accompanied by a facility holder.
  • Passes transferred to an unregistered individual or used in any fraudulent manner will be confiscated and not replaced.
  • The misuse of passes may impact your eligibility to renew in future years.
  • Under no circumstances will anyone be allowed into the locker area without the proper facility pass. Please remember to always bring your pass with you.
  • Lost or stolen passes may be replaced for a $50 fee

2018 New Resident/Taxpayer Lessees to South Pavilion: Package Contents and Rates

  • Storage Locker    $350.00
  • Four facility passes and one parking pass
  • You are allowed to switch out TWO photo ID facility passes for two transferable passes

South Pavilion Locker Parking Policy

  • One (1) parking pass per facility will be issued.
  • Parking is available on a first come, first served basis in the South, North and West Parking Lot for facility holders. (nonresident locker lessees are required to park in the south lot)
  • Lost or stolen parking passes may be replaced for a $100 fee.