Beach Activity Policy

Please No:

  • Alcoholic beverages or glass containers permitted anywhere on the premises
  • Inflatable devices if any kind are not allowed in or near the water
  • Animals are not allowed from May 15 through September 15
  • No cooking or open fires are allowed on the premises
  • Swimming is not allowed in designated surfing areas
  • Surfing is not allowed in designated swimming areas
  • Motorized water craft are not allowed within the designated swimming area
  • Kayaks, jet skis, windsurfing, kite surfing, kite flying, fishing and scuba diving are not allowed
  • No Use of radio controlled airplanes, helicopters, flying devices over any of the Town Beach Property and within the designated swimming area of the Town beach

Special Attention to the Following:

  • Ball playing and other beach recreation actives will be allowed under the following conditions:  All such activities will be contained in the area behind life guard chair 3 and 4, as designated.  This area my become increasingly limited in size as the beach population grows on busy days:  therefore beach management reserves the right to stop all ball and recreational actives during theses times.  Any activity shown to be a hazard to the safety of any patron should be reported to a member of the beach management staff.

No Smoking Policy: 

  • SECTION 1.  That Chapter 46, Article I entitled “Miscellaneous Offenses”, Section 46-9 entitled“Smoking and use of tobacco products prohibited during youth events held at town athletic and recreational facilities, on all Town of Narragansett owned property and at other designated places” be amended as follows:
  • Smoking or vaporizing. Smoking or vaporizing and other uses of tobacco products and/or cannabis products are hereby prohibited at any athletic or recreational facility owned or leased by the town during scheduled youth events, as well as the Courtyard at the Towers, on any town-owned property, except in properly designated smoking areas and prohibited at the town beach at all times.

Recycling Policy

  • Please respect the efforts of the beach staff and the environment; please deposit cans and plastic bottles in the recycling corrals in designated areas on the premises.

Swim/Surf Areas Include:

  • Swimming is allowed only in front of lifeguard chairs that are designated swimming only.
  • Swimming is not allowed in the surfing area
  • Surfers are restricted to surfing area from the seawall to the banner designated for surfing.
  • Body boards are permitted in all areas, but will be controlled by lifeguards between chairs 2 and chair 6, in an effort to accommodate the large number of swimmers who utilize the area.
  • Skim boards are restricted to the surfing area from the seawall to the banner designated for surfing.