HDC Standards, Guidelines, Procedures & Application Forms

HDC Historic Preservation Standards & Guidelines
The Historic District Commission Historic Preservation Standards & Guidelines manual provides information on the Historic Districts within Narragansett, as well as guidelines and standards associated with renovation projects within these districts.

HDC Property Owners Guide
The Historic District Commission Property Owners Guide provides property owners within the Historic Districts in Narragansett a simple and quick reference on exterior building renovations requiring a building permit.

HDC Procedures Manual
The Historic District Commission Procedures Manual provides provides information on application forms and procedures for renovations projects within the Historic Districts in Narragansett.

Certificate of Appropriateness or Recommendation of Compatibility
The Historic District Commission Application Packet for Certificate of Appropriateness or Recommendation of Compatibility outlines the application procedure whenever a property owner proposes exterior work to a property located in one of Narragansett's local historic districts. The packet also includes the Standards & Guidelines noted above as well.

The above application, once approved, will result in a completed and executed Certificate of Appropriateness or Certificate of Recommendation of Compatibility.