Building Permits

Narragansett E-Permit application

Site Plans

Two (2) copies of a Site Plan stamped by a registered land surveyor are required when applying for a building permit. The Site Plan(s) should be drawn to scale and include the following information:

  1. Shape, dimensions, radii, angles and area of the lot.
  2. Assessor’s plat and lot numbers.
  3. Size and location of the proposed building (including decks).
  4. Location and dimensions of access drives, parking areas (200 sq. ft per bedroom), planting and screening, and distance between structures on the same lot.
  5. The use of the land and/or the intended use of the structure and the number of dwelling units.
  6. Topographic information including distance to wetlands and/or water bodies within 200’; coastal features, flood zone elevation of site and lowest habitable floor; platted width of right of way, existing width and surface of traveled road on which the lot fronts, designation whether public or private or to be constructed; existing or proposed easements, and all existing utilities within the right of way.
  7. Show existing and proposed contours, annotate top of foundation and lowest floor elevation including basement (coastal & flood zone areas - require mean sea level datum).

Construction Drawings

  1. Two (2) copies of construction drawings are also required. Construction drawings should be drawn to scale and include the following information:
  2. Foundation plan detailing size, thickness, beam, pockets, openings, anchor bolt spacing; also column footing size, thickness and spacing.
  3. Floor plans with rooms labeled, dimensions, size of headers; size, spacing and direction of floor joists, location of attic scuttle.
  4. Elevations of all exterior views.
  5. Cross section which shows footing and foundations, sills, columns, beams joints rafters, collar ties insulation stair dimensions, exterior vents. Size, spacing and type of material of lumber grading.
  6. Engineered truss drawing (if applicable).
  7. Engineering for 120-mile hour winds
  8. Impact glass specifications

NOTE: All drawings to be stamped by a registered professional engineer or a registered architect.

Building Permit Applications

Narragansett E-Permit Application 

Additional Requirements

  1. If your project is located in a condominium, condo association approval is required.
  2. If your project requires a Comprehensive Permit, Staff Review (Administrative Approval), Variances and/or Special Use Permits (Zoning Board of Review), or is a Subdivision/Land Development Project coordination with the Department of Community Development will be required. For more information please refer to the Department of Community Development's Forms & Applications web page.
  3. If your project is located in a Historic District approval by the Historic District Commission may be required. For more information please refer to the HDC Standards, Guidelines, Procedures & Application Forms web page.