Police Department Recruitment Process

Recruitment and Selection

It is the policy of the Narragansett Police Department that successful applicants are chosen from a diverse candidate pool reflective of the available workforce of the State of Rhode Island, that all applicants have equal opportunity for employment and that those appointed as police officers are the most highly qualified. It is the goal of the Narragansett Police Department to have sworn officers reflect the ethnic and gender composition of the available workforce of the State of Rhode Island. The recruitment and selection process is designed to accomplish that goal.


The following qualifications shall be necessary for anyone to be eligible for the Narragansett Police Department: 

  • United States Citizen 
  • Must be a resident of the state upon appointment 
  • Must be between the ages of 21 and 35 upon appointment
  • Height must be proportionate to weight 
  • Vision must be not less than 20/30 correctable to 20/20 and must be able to distinguish colors 
  • Must have a valid unrestricted state driver’s license upon appointment 
  • Must have a minimum of 60 college credit hours or two consecutive years of honorable active duty military service

Application Process

Interested candidates who meet the minimum qualifications are encouraged to apply. Applications can be found at https://policeapp.com/  Keyword: Narragansett. 

If you are considering a career with the Narragansett Police Department and would like to speak with a recruiter before applying, OR, if you are interested in leaving your contact information for a recruiter so that you can be notified when we have our next hiring processing, please fill out this form.  INTEREST FORM 

Hiring Process

The hiring process initially involves three phases: a physical fitness test, a written exam, and an oral interview. Candidates who successfully pass all three phases will be selected by the Chief of Police for a background investigation. For further information on our hiring process, please see our Recruitment and Selection Policy POLICY


The Narragansett Police Department recognizes and accepts prospective candidates who successfully pass both the Physical Agility Test and the Written Examination administered by Fit 2 Serve RI. https://www.fit2serveri.com/. Candidates who successfully passed a Fit 2 Serve fitness test and/or written test will be exempt from taking the tests administered by the Narragansett Police Department. Candidates must upload the Fit 2 Serve certificate(s) with their application.  

Thank you for your interest with the Narragansett Police Department.