Fire Safety/Prevention Information

Fire Prevention Bureau

Narragansett Fire Prevention-01 The primary responsibilities of the Fire Marshall include inspections of business and residences, investigation of fires, enforcement of local fire code and laws, risk management and public awareness for the town of Narragansett.

Fire Investigation

The fire marshal is tasked with the investigation of a fire scene to determine the cause and origin of a fire. The investigation helps document the incident, add to our knowledge of potential hazards and determine whether the fire was accidental or was arson.

Plan Review

Proper application and enforcement of State and Local laws and ordinances help assure safer, less fire prone structures. To that end, the Fire Marshal is responsible to review and approve building plans for all new construction and additions to and/or remodeling of existing structures.

Fire Education and Prevention

Of prime importance to the Fire Marshal is education and prevention activities. Exhibiting vehicles and equipment at local businesses, school programs, open house events and other activities are all designed to raise awareness and educate the public on fire safety issues.