Narragansett Economic Development Plan

The Town of Narragansett developed an economic development plan to shape its future economy.  It involved a public process that engaged the community throughout this important project. The final action-based plan was approved by the Town Council on July 18, 2011 and includes strategic initiatives.

The Planning Process
The project began in December 2010 and was executed in three segments:

Part I: Organize the steering committee...January to February 2011
The steering committee consisted of members from the economic development committee and other town leaders who provided direction for the project.

Part II: Engage the public/conduct research…March 2011 to May 2011 
A website was established allowing two ways for people to contribute to the study.

A survey was created asking residents to prioritize the 4 vision elements and the following four open ended questions (Survey results were anonymous): 
  • What external conditions stand in the way of economic development in Narragansett (conditions can be: a major fact, trend or conclusion that are present or anticipated)
  • What external conditions support economic development in Narragansett?
  • What projects/ initiatives do you think are essential for Narragansett to take to achieve your vision for the Town?
  • What are your comments on the draft Economic Development Plan?  (Please see resources to download a copy)

Survey Results

In addition there were two community forums and a series of focused workshops between the two forums.

Part III: Produce the plan…February to June 2011 
A draft plan was created in intervals that corresponded to the public engagement process. 

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